The Taste

“I'm a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”

(Oscar Wilde)

Tequila David Reyes has been described a number of ways.

Soft.  Creamy.  Almost like a latte.

This is a spectacular tequila and, for a blanco, It is amazingly complex and smooth. This is definitely going onto my personal bar, albeit way in the back where only I know it exists. - Doug Stone, For Tequila Lovers

We take that as a compliment.

Appearance: Flawless

Tequila David Reyes is bright, pure, platinum, and pristine in color, but not so iridescent that it resembles mercury.

The legs and tears sheet easily down any proper glass.

We suggest that you turn your sealed bottle of Tequila David Reyes upside down, and then right side up again. Then, marvel at its lingering bubbles, a sure sign of its conscientious distillation.

Aroma: Significant baked agave presence

“I can’t keep my nose out of it!” (Rick Levy, Tequila Aficionado Media’s Sipping Off The Cuff©)

Balanced hints of anise, with a great baked agave presence. Herbaceous, and slightly floral.


A superior and creamy Private Label Reserve Blanco, Tequila David Reyes has been described simply, but powerfully:

"Tequila David Reyes not only defies the laws of taste, it breaks the rules into utter bliss!"
- Jazz Mann

Tequila David Reyes is softer and more approachable than most tequilas on the market.

A lovely, slightly sweet intake with a progressive peppery explosion at the back of the palate.

Excellent structure, with a short to medium finish.

Tequila David Reyes is frequently compared to tequilas at a much higher alcohol by volume (ABV) due to its pronounced agave characteristics that are usually only found in brands distilled at higher percentages of alcohol.

Distilled at 80 proof (40% ABV), Tequila David Reyes comes as close to tasting his prized agave, baked directly from the oven.

Serving Suggestion:

“If you’re lucky enough to get a pour of Tequila David Reyes, don’t let them serve it to you in a shot glass or in a champagne flute. A Stolzle jarrito tumbler, or a Glencairn whiskey glass is more appropriate.

“These vessels have bowls, longer necks and wider mouth surfaces that allow all the aromas and flavor notes of Tequila David Reyes to come through.

“This is a real aficionado’s tequila.” (Rick Levy, Tequila Aficionado Media’s Sipping Off The Cuff©)

Overall Impression:

All I can say is that Tequila David Reyes has stood the test of time. This batch has the same if not higher quality and beauty of the much coveted first batch of David Reyes. This is still one of my all time favorite blancos to sip and enjoy. David Reyes (the man) is a true master setting a benchmark most will fail to ever reach. The unique baked agave in the nose and natural sweetness, silkiness and long finish on the palate make this a rare gem. It is elegance and beauty in a bottle and a tried and true Tequila Aficionado's tequila.-Alex Perez of Tequila Aficionado Media’s Sipping Off The Cuff©

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How to Get Tequila David Reyes

If your favorite restaurant or club does not offer Tequila David Reyes for you to enjoy, please point them to us and to this website.

We’ll make sure it’s a worthy partner to carry Tequila David Reyes.

Are you worthy of a bottle of Tequila David Reyes?

Contact us today to find out.


the bottle

“I'm a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”
— Oscar Wilde

the bottle
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